In this process a pre-defined quantity of bleaching earth (adsorbent natural or activated earth, mixed with activated carbon if necessary) is continuously added to the oil or other media for the process of Filteration.

For filtration of liquids with suspended solid contents upto 7%. No filter cloth requirement. Automatic dislodging of filtered cake by pneumatic vibrator or oscillating sluice header. Dry or wet cake discharge is possible.

The filter cake builds up under pressure on top of each plate. The filtrate is discharged to the outside through a hollow shaft. blow-out or drying. Finally, the filter cake is safely removed from the plates by vibration and discharged to the bottom outlet.

Applications :
  • Bleaching earth / activated carbon
  • Crude oil
  • Fatty acid
  • Winterisation
Material of Construction : C.S, SS, SS904L, Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, PolyPropylene / Teflon Coated.

Horizontal Pressure leaf filter

Salient Features :

» 1-100m2 filtration area offered as per requirment.
» Stainless steel filter elements, hence no repetitive cost, washing and maintenance of filter cloth.
» Filtration rate are 2-3 times higher on same filter area.
» Automatic cake discharge with mechanical or pneumatic vibrator options & spray nozzle for wet cake discharge.
» Ideal replacement for plate & frame filter. Closed system, no maintence due to SS filtration mesh, low retention of oil, less occupancy    of space etc.
» Very low% of unfiltered liquid retention in cake.
» Simple & economical bottom opening with 100% opening & optional butterfly valve for vertical PLF
» Closed pressurized operating system hence no spillage & loss of liquid, which helps in handling volatile / inflammable liquids & clean    working environment. Entire filtration cycle with cake discharge can be completed without even opening the filter from top.
» Compact & light hence large saving in floor area & supporting structures.
» Pressure leaf filter can be completely automated with no human intervention.
» Can be used for getting filtered liquids as well as cake.
» Ideal for filtration of edible / non-edible oil, dewaxing, sulphur, copper, API chemicals, Carbon removable, etc.
» Closed system, no maintence due to SS filtration mesh, low retention of oil, less occupancy of space etc.

Application :

Edible oil Industry : Bleached, winterized, deodorized, hydrogenated, fractionzed oil, dewaxing, catalyst, mineral oil.
Beverage Industry : For glucose, fruit juice, cold drinks, sugar, vinegar.
Chemical Industry : For organic & inorganic salts, dyes, chemicals, plastizers, sulphur, copper.
Pharma Industry : For pharmaceutical, intermediates, syrup, bulk drugs, antibiotics, intravenous solution.
In Petrochemical Industry : Crude oil, LPG, lubricating oil, sulphur.

Technical Specification

Vessel M.O.C Carbon steel(M.S.), Optionally stainless steel (304, 316, 316L)
Leaves M.O.C Outer mesh of SS- 316 and inner mesh, frame, bush and handle etc of SS-304, optionally complete SS- 316
Max. Working Pressure
5 kg / cm² ( Bar)
Max Working Temperature
120°C with Neoprene gasket and optionally 200° C with Viton / Silicon Gasket

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Model No. Filter area m2 No. Of. Leaves Max. Wet Cake Vol./Ltrs. Hight mm Floor Area Occupied mm x mm Net. Tank Vol. Ltrs.
V1 1 5 25 1300 710 x710 150
V2.5 2.5 5 62.5 1550 760 x 760 375
V5 5 5 125 2500 1050 x 1050 580
V7.5 7.5 7 187.5 2600 1160 x 1160 800
V10 10 9 250 2600 1200 x 1200 950
V15 15 11 375 2600 1450 x 1450 1330
V20 20 11 500 2800 1650 x 1650 1210
V25 25 15 625 2800 1650 x 1650 1990
V30 30 15 750 3000 1800 x 1800 2740
V40 40 17 1000 3100 2000 x 2000 3600
V50 50 17 1250 3300 2200 x 2200 4500
V60 60 19 1500 3400 2400 x 2400 5400

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Model No. Filter aream2 No. Of. Leaves Max. Cake Vol.- Ltrs. Floor Area Occupied mm x mm Net. Tank Vol. Ltrs.
H 5 5 5 160 1350 x 2100 800
H 10 10 15 320 1650 x 3730 1070
H 15 15 23 480 1650 x 4930 1460
H 20 20 30 640 1650 x 6010 1790
H 25 25 37 800 1650 x 7030 2130
H 30 30 22 960 2200 x 5590 2600
H 40 40 30 1280 2200 x 6790 3290
H 50 50 37 1600 2200 x 7810 3890
H 60 60 44 1920 2200 x 8890 4490
H 70 70 32 2240 2500 x 7590 5590
H 80 80 20 2560 3100 x 5330 7660
H 100 100 25 3200 3100 x 6080 8840

Note :
• The cake volume is the total wet cake capacity.
• The flow rates &batch size will very as per % of impurities, liquid viscosity & pump capicity.
• Filters of higher capicity & with specific requirement can be customized as per the requirement.
• Only leaves of Pressure Leaf Filters or repairing of old turn leaves can be offered.
• Since development is a continuous process specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters
How do they work ?

Generally Pre-coating made by appropriate filter aid about 0.5 to 1% (Bleaching earth, supercel, hyflo, superflo etc.) assorted, with the liquid to be filtered. Leaf Filters are prototype for solid-liquid dissociation & work on doctrine of precoating & pressure. Once the layer is settled, pressure starts developing, restricting the scum. Clear liquid effluent from both sides into the leaves (filter elements), flows along the tubular channel & gets discharged from bottom of the leaf. Unfiltered liquid is pumped into the filter vessel. Preliminarily the filter aid starts forming a precoat layer on both sides of the filter leaves, until then cloudy material comes out of the filter. All the leaves are connected on a common diversified. The leaves start getting choked on both the sides by scum forming cake which is in wet form. Once the leaves get choked thoroughly, the pressure rises to 3 kg/cm² & the output flow almost stops. This means the batch size is reached. The pump is stopped & steam, air pressure is germane from the top (without dropping the filter pressure) to filter the material around the leaves held up in the tank & to squeeze the cake further & reduce the liquid conception in it. The hold up unfiltered liquid in the conic segment is taken through astern.

How is the cake discharged ?

We know that cake can be scrawny by steam, hot air and then discharged from the bottom and in vertical & horizontal filters with the help of mechanical / pneumatic leaves vibrator. The whole operation of cake drying takes 30-45 min. & cake discharge takes 5-10 min. Provided water spray nozzles for wet cake discharge. In Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter wet cake can also be discharged manually by scrapping.

How is the Leaf Constructed ?

We are taking guarantee of the quality by inspecting quality of wire mesh & each leaf. Optionally we also provide cloth on the leaves for fine or special filtration. Each leaf is made of 5-ply of SS wire mesh of various gauge wires. Two outer filtering mesh are hollander Weaves & 3 inner are only for accompaniment. The 5-ply wire mesh are reserved simultaneously by a tubular frame & made leak evidence by machine rivetting. The quality of filtration & life of filter depends principally on the quality of outer wire mesh & revetting.

How is Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter constructed ?

The leaves are connected vertically on a generic diversified pipe, through which the filtered liquid flows out. On the top, the leaves are held by a vibrating shaft. It is structured of a vertical MS / SS tank with filter elements (leaves) inside. Optionally spray nozzles can also be provided for wet cake discharge. A mechanical vibrator driven by electric motor & pneumatic vibrator is provided for vibrating the leaf shaft for cake discharge. Hydraulic jack is provided to lift the top for cleaning and removing the leaves. Lugs are provided for mounting the PLF. Jacket for hot filtration can be offered if hoped-for. Over flow, vent, steam, air charging, pressure gauge & safety valve are provided on the top. The top cover is provided with devit arm mechanism for raising the lid for cleaning and removing the leaves.'I' bolts are stored for quick opening and closing of top lid. For provide 100% opening or optionally a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve which have process of Bottom opening is a simple & economical manual swing type process.

How is Horizontal PLF Constructed ?

The process of Horizontal PLF applications on equal dominant but shell is horizontal & leaves are vertical on generic diversified. Two hydraulic cylinders are provided one each for initial & termination the tack lock mechanism between the shell & cover. The filter shell has 4 wheels & can be retractable by a hydraulic cylinder on a rail. A hydraulic power pack unit, pressure gauge, vent, steam valves, panel board etc are offered. During initial & termination no compositions have to be deflected as the cover with leaves remain in founded position. After the filtration & cake siccative is over, the outer vessel is retracted, thus opening up the leaves for cake discharge. Cake can either be discharged manually by rubber mallet or optionally pneumatic / mechanical vibration can be provided for dry cake discharge. Spray nozzles can be provided for wet cake discharge. Horizontal PLF is privileged for higher filtration area, higher cake efficiency or when solid cake is clammy & has to be deflected manually in semi dry circumstances & in less duration.